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5 Reasons Why You Need a New Bathroom Fan

Do you or your kids forget to turn on the fan when showering? I’m guilty of this myself, sometimes! Did you know, some of the damages happening in your bathroom could be due to high humidity levels?

1. Wet Patches and Water Stains

You may notice damage to the paint or wallpaper in your bathroom. Some people come to us thinking it is due to aging and that it is just time to repaint. This is a simple, temporary fix but water patches and stains on your ceiling and walls will continue to form if humidity levels remain uncontrolled.

2. Decay to Fixtures and Fittings

Excessive condensation can cause decay to your fixtures and fittings. Particularly, wooden or organic parts.

3. Insulation 

Constant saturation in the air can cause problems with the building insulation, making it less effective.

4. Mildew

Mildew moves fast and can quickly build up around the windows.

5. Mould

More important than unsightly damages to your bathroom, those who use it are at risk. Mould can build up on your walks and tiles, ceiling and around your sink so be on the lookout! Mould is a very unhealthy substance and no one, at any age, should be exposed to it.


So, how to fix it?


The Utilitech Humidity-Sensing Bath Fan puts your mind at ease. You can automatically control your moisture levels in your bathroom! Here are the features:

  • Cycle switch on/off for humidity sensing and full-speed modes
  • Dual color LED indicator shows active mode
  • Motor adjusts speed based on humidity level
  • Unit motor automatically adjusts fan speed based on humidity level
  • Fan kicks on when humidity level reaches 60%
  • Fan turns off automatically when humidity level drops below 60%

Find it here: Utilitech Humidity Sensing Bath Fan

Don’t become a victim of poor ventilation! 

See more: http://

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