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Can Your Home Be Hacked?

Your home is smart, but digital criminals may get smarter. Here’s what you need to know to protect your high-tech home.

Not too long ago, the biggest concern over high-tech home theft was neighbors stealing Cable TV or jumping on your wi-fi uninvited. Today, with the breadth of connected products available, the potential for unauthorized access to the home is greater, and goes beyond mischievous kids turning your lights on and off remotely. As reports of credit cards, insurance information, and even baby monitors being hacked, it seems nothing is sacred. Without the right layers of protection in place, a high-tech home could be vulnerable to digital or actual break-ins.

Device Security


The topic of hacking the high-tech home came up during a panel discussion hosted by CNET at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Several home technology industry experts weighed in on the topic. Their consensus is that connected homes are secure, as long as the products and people that use them are taking security seriously. The good news is, device and platform developers are taking it seriously. The bad news is, it may not always be the first priority.

“One of the things to recognize about security in any situation of emerging technology is, for better or for worse, value leads security,” says Linden Tibitz, CEO of IFTTT, a platform that helps users and their connected devices communicate. “When you look at the advent of the web or the smartphone, people spent a lot of time determining if it was relevant to them. That’s the phase we’re in now, so device developers have to lead with value. Who cares if the product is secure if it’s not valuable to me? Once the value is there, security is going to follow in time.”

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