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When you want to remodel your bathroom, one of the best options in remodeling are the bathroom floor. Bathroom tile is a popular option for updating bathrooms for many reasons.

Tile is one of the most preferred choices in bathroom flooring options. It can be installed on the floor, but can also be installed on the walls or ceiling.

Tile is resistant to water and humidity, which makes it a top choice for the bathroom and kitchen areas of the home. But today, tile is being laid throughout homes because it’s also very durable.

Flooring options come in a variety of materials that are made from different things by different methods. You’ll find your main options are:

  • Natural Stone – granite, marble, terrazo, travertine, slate, limestone, etc., needs to be sealed
  • Vinyl Tiles or Sheet Vinyl: variety of colors and finishes, easy to clean!
  • Laminates: Includes engineered hardwoods
  • Solid Wood: Hardwoods like oak, pine, cherry, or bamboo
  • Cork – made from tree bark

When you want to add a lot of class to your bathroom yet keep the install simple and affordable, bathroom tile is the way to go.

Tiles are less expensive than whole planks or slabs. Granite and other natural stone, hardwood, and many other materials come in tile form. Or you can opt for vinyl that resembles these other natural materials.

No matter which you choose, your new bathroom needs plenty of planning. Proper planning will always make the project better, and many times you may want to use a bathroom designer to help you with the plan.

At Home Solutions Team Inc., our designers are waiting to help you plan your bathroom flooring design. Once the design is laid down, you’ll be able to have a little time for other things, but while the project is being planned, it will take some time and effort to sit down to get it right.

How much you do for your bathroom remodeling is up to you. But planning for and installing the tile for your bathroom are the steps you need to make happen.

No matter your choices, you’ll want to be sure your bathroom tiles are both beautiful and functional for you. The material they are made of can make a difference in how durable the flooring is, but in general you will find that most floors can be sealed where needed and will be the right material for your space because you hand picked it.

Vinyl isn’t the only tile you can get. You can choose glass, natural stone, marble, slate, granite, wood, and more.

When you want a new bathroom floor or want coverings for your walls or ceiling, go with tile.

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