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Choosing your bathroom vanity or vanities is important because the eye is usually drawn first to the sink area. This is because sinks usually include some sort of mirror and our eye is attracted to that area first.

But your vanity needs to function for you personally and should look and feel the way you want it to. Before we began to have running water in our homes, a wash bowl was setup on the top of a counter or furniture piece.

But today, your cabinet and sink (vanity) can consist of a number of setups that are unique and stylish. There are size differences, style differences, and materials differences. And these are all options you’ll need to decide on.

Remodeling experts aren’t easy to come by, especially if your friends or relatives haven’t been able to recommend one. But you’re not alone in needing to find a company you can trust to provide your service needs.

At Home Solutions Team Inc., you’ll have help with your bathroom vanity choices and other remodeling options and plans with our design service.

You’ll also need to consider whether just one person will be using the bathroom space or more than one. This is helpful because you may want to have a double sink vanity installed.

Double sinks offer you more room for grooming when there is more than one person needing to get to a bathroom sink. In some vanity styles, the cabinet may not look like a cabinet at all. The whole system could consist of a sink attached to the wall. Or, your sink can sit on a pedestal.

For larger, master baths, the vanity area can have some custom storage built in as well. Function is part of the plan, so how will you be planning to store your toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, haircare products, and more?

Does your family need the space all at the same time? Then you may want to be sure your bathroom can be accessed from more than one location or door.

But in all these choices, your bathroom vanity area will need to include a little storage space or else you need to design it in somewhere else.

Whether your tastes lean toward modern and eclectic or you are more classical and traditional minded, your new space will meet all your needs, both in function and in appeal.

We can help make it easier for you to wake up and get going in the morning with the installation of the right vanity! Our expert remodelers at Home Solutions Team Inc., care a great deal about your bathroom space and the things you need to make it better and more improved. That’s why we’re with you from the start to finish.

If you’re interested in bathroom vanities and what your options for your bathroom remodeling project are, just give us a call at the number below and we’ll do everything we can to help!

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