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4 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Bathroom


1. Flooring

Is there carpet in your bathroom? A bathroom remodel is way overdue! The flooring in your bathroom should be able to withstand moisture and foot traffic. Carpet is a bacteria collector and traps in moisture, which could lead to mold.

2. Countertops

Countertops can say a lot about your bathroom. Are yours saying you’re stuck in the 1990’s? It’s time to update! Go for natural stone, quartz or a modern solid surface. For a quick fix – consider painting your countertops with earthy, neutral colors.

3. Fixtures

Think clean and crisp. Framed mirrors, sleek chrome faucets and white fixtures – a little nickel or gold will go a long way, as well. If there is wiggle room in our budget, say bye to your old tub and hello to a free-standing soaker.

4. Oak Overload

Oak had its shining moment but it shouldn’t be in your bathroom. Budget friendly fix – paint! Resurface your cabinets to give your bathroom a whole new look for a far lower price than a full replacement. However, this is merely a bandaid fix. Second option is to spring for the new cabinets. Think maximum storage with simple design.

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