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5 Tips to Make Your Carpet Last

Carpet Cleaning

Save money in the long run! Here are some tips on how to treat your carpet right to make it last years longer.

1. Quality

Checking the quality of your carpet is easy! Simply bend the carpet sample backward. If you can see the backing, it is a low-density carpet that will crush easily.

2. Vacuum, correctly!

What do you mean I’m vacuuming wrong? Cleaning is the best way to add years to your carpet’s lifespan. First, raise it to its highest setting. Turn the vacuum on and and slowly lower it until you feel it tugging itself forward. Go slowly. Always start with a clean filter and replace vacuum bags when they’re 3/4 full (I’m terrible at that!).

3. Choose the right carpet pad

Carpet pad quality is determined by density, not thickness. A good quality pad will have a density rating of at least 6 lbs. For those higher traffic areas, shoot for 8 lbs or more.

4. Protect your carpet

A water absorbent mat should be placed inside your door for wet shoes.

5. Be a doormat (user, anyway!)

Eighty-five percent of the dirt in your home was carried in on shoes. Place a coarse-textured mat outside your door to remove soil.


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