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Kitchen-Buying Guide: What to Avoid to Save You Money

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There are some materials you should avoid when remodeling your kitchen to save you money.


1. Laminate Counters

Stay away from entry-level plastic laminate. There are a lot of great laminate counter options out there! If it is thin and dull, the product underneath the laminate could potentially get wet (hello, dishwasher!) and delaminate the countertop.

2. Laminate Cabinets

Laminated cabinet fronts with cheaper thermofoil are not heat resistant, it can warp and the wood is poor quality.

3. Inexpensive Flooring

Your floors have it rough. You are constantly stepping on your floor so you shouldn’t cut corners with flooring. Cheap sheet vinyl flooring tends to be thin and you’ll spend more money replacing it over time.

4. Matte Paint

Flat paint is super trendy but it does not belong in your kitchen! Matte paint is not durable so one mess in the kitchen and you’ve ruined the paint job. High-gloss or semi-gloss paint is your friend!

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