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Lift Your Mood with a Cozier Home: 6 Ideas


Leaves are on the ground and air is crisp. Nothing sounds better than getting home after a long day of work. But after a few weeks of leaving before the sun rises and getting off after the sun sets, you may start to feel the winter blues. Here are a few ideas to lift your mood this winter!

1. Hey, cold air… Do Not Enter!

Window and door leaks may be the culprit. However, gaps around recessed lights and electrical boxes can be just as guilty.

2. Clean light fixtures

Your home will instantly appear brighter without turning on more lights – or adding to the electricity bill!

3. Indoor nature

Indoor plants are great for sucking up the nasty vapors emitted from household cleaners and paint. Also, plans increase humidity levels and help decrease dust in your home.

4. Change the filter

Change the furnace /AC filter every couple months to prevent dust and allergens. Breathe in that clean air!

5. Invite the sunlight in

Clean windows will let more natural light into your home. Dark spaces in your home? Add an interior window! Daylighting will boost your mood.

6. Bring out the crock pot

Coming home to mouth-watering aromas definitely puts us in a better mood! And slow cookers are more energy efficient than electric ovens. Win-win!

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