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Moving into a New House: To-Do List



Buying your first home is such an exciting and rewarding process! However, it can be a very overwhelming transition. After the piles and piles of paperwork are all signed, there is still the packing-up-and-moving-in! Here are some things to do before moving in to keep your stress levels down.

1. Change the locks

Getting the keys to your new home handed over to you is a time to celebrate! But you really have no clue how many people the previous homeowners gave access to their home. Changing the locks ensures you are the only one who has access. You can install new deadbolts yourself if you’re feeling handy or call a locksmith.

2. Check the plumbing 

Checking for plumbing leaks is something your home inspector should do before closing, but no harm in double-checking! Keep an eye out for running toilets, dripping faucets and any signs of leakage from your water heater.

3. Clean those carpets

We don’t mean go over them with a vacuum. Steam clean! This is something you will want to do before moving in all your furniture to have a fresh start. A professional can come out for about $50 per room or you can rent a steam cleaner for around $30 a day.

4. Bye-bye, critters!

This includes all uninvited roommates trying to move in with you! You can try to use DIY tricks to get rid of pests, or call a pest removal company to come out and take care of it for you.

5. Get familiar with the circuit breaker box 

First, locate where the box is. Then, you will want to know which fuses control what parts of your house. If you find yourself needing to replace a broken light fixture, you will want to turn off the power to that room so you won’t harm yourself.

6. Introduce yourself to the main water valve 

It’s important to know how to turn off your main water valve in case of an emergency. Locate the valve-it may be inside or outside the house-and turn the knob until it’s off. Turn on any faucet in the house and if no water comes out, you are formally introduced!

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