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Remodel Your Bathroom – In a Weekend!


Transform your bathroom in just a few days (and save $) with these steps!

1. Out with the old 

Tear out the old vanity. Disconnect the plumbing and pry off the old top. Remove the vanity cabinet, medicine cabinet, or mirror (depending on your bathroom).

2. Outline

Draw an outline on the wall of where the new fixtures, mirror and tile will be. Then, decide and mark where the new lights should go.

3. Add wiring 

You will then need to reroute the electrical lines. Cut out a large hole to mount a new junction box. Drill holes for the new wiring. You will not need to worry about patching the hole since it will be covered by the mirror.

4. Apply tile adhesive 

It is easier to tile before installing the vanity cabinet. Line up your adhesive with the tile line. Peel off the back liner as you press the adhesive to the wall.

5. In with the new

It’s time to hang your new cabinet. Start by supporting the cabinet on temporary stands. Then, drive screws through the hanging rail into the studs to secure the cabinet.

6. Finish 

Add your own personal style and finishing touches! Whether it be new paint or replacing old moldings.

Home Solutions, Inc would be happy to do this quick bathroom remodel for you! Call us at (757) 306-0500. 



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