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How To: Lower Your Stress During Your Remodel

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Remodeling your home should be an exciting experience-not stressful. You are finally getting the kitchen or bathroom you have always wanted! Adding a remodel to your already hectic schedule can be very overwhelming but here are a few steps to take to lower your stress.


1. Remodel during off-season 

Contractors have an off-season? Most people plan their remodel during summer because they know freezing temps won’t be an issue. However, summers are contractors busiest time of year and having a stressed out contractor will not lower your stress. Scheduling your remodel during off-season allows your contractor to dedicate more time to your project and may even complete your remodel ahead of schedule! And save you money-the biggest stress reliever of them all!

2. A bargain isn’t better

While researching contractors and scheduling estimates (get at least 3!), make sure to fully understand what is included in your quote and if you’ll be responsible for any costs not documented. Going with the bargain can create more headache for you in the end.

3. Let your contractor handle permits

Keeping tabs on deadlines can be another job in itself. Let your contractor handle approvals and permits. The small added cost of your contractor’s time will be worth minimizing your responsibilities.

4. Read reviews

Researching pricing is usually a homeowner’s priority but researching reviews should be right up there, too. Whoever you decide to hire is going to be in your home for an extended amount of time. Make sure their working style matches yours. Are they timely? Does the crew clean up after themselves? Find a professional who is a good fit for you.

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5. Staying on schedule

Your contractor should provide you with a timeline. This timeline should include dates for demo, framing, electrical, accessories and so on. If a benchmark is missed, you should intervene to make sure your project (and budget) stays on track. Refer to 1. Remodel during off-season.


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