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Don’t Waste Time and Money on Your Kitchen Remodel: 5 Common Mistakes


We put together this list of common mistakes homeowners make so you know what not to do!

1. Design before Budget

If you’re already past the design phase, you don’t want to discover that the luxurious countertop you thought you could afford is actually $2,000 over budget.

“There are an infinite number of design possibilities, but as soon as you pick a budget, seven-eighths are gone,” says Charles Rinek, who owns a remodeling and custom construction firm in Palm Coast, Fla. “Concentrate on the eighth that is appropriate with your budget.”

Know your budget. Then design your dream kitchen!

2. Indecision 

This is not the time to over-analyze. Once the design is finalized and construction has started – consider the choices set in stone. You don’t want to find yourself weeks behind schedule because technicians are waiting on you to make up your mind.

3. Scheduling Work Without Materials

Before calling and scheduling workers to install your new kitchen cabinets, make sure the materials will be on site.

We know you are anxious but make sure to order everything ahead of time, know the delivery dates, then schedule a start date after that date.

4. Not Doing a Test Run

You swore that shade of blue was going to make your backsplash pop even more – and then it didn’t. Give everything a test run, otherwise, you might find yourself having to waste time picking replacements.

5. Creating a Hard-line Schedule

You don’t want to end up with sloppy work because you refuse to be flexible. Plan for even more time than you think you will need. If all goes right, you will end up finishing early and can start planning the housewarming party!

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